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Orders with a limit of eg The limit should be 20 or The list of actions that meet this rule is available on the following links:. You place a stop sellorder with as stop 95 USD. This means that if the share quote drops till 95 USD, your order will be activated and becomes a marketorder that will be executed against marketprice. This means that if the share quote drops till 95 USD, your order will be activated and becomes a sell limit order with 93 USD as limit.

When placing a stop limit order you need to consider the following rule when placing the order, all orders that do not comply to this rule will be rejected. The board lot size depends on the trading price of the security:. If you carry out an order for shares, then you will receive a first execution of shares and shares will remain on the market, even if those are in the same limit on the market as the trading price of the moment. Remark 1 When a day order partially gets executed during a trading day, the remaining part that has not been executed yet will be cancelled at the end of the day.

The Copenhagen market is open from 9. The orders are sent to the stock exchange from 8 am onwards, but remain in "Wait" status until 9 am. Day orders are cancelled after closing of the market, at 5. Market orders A market order makes allows to buy or sell securities at the best price available on the market. It gives no guarantee on the final execution price of the transaction especially if there is high volatility. Market orders can only be entered during the opening hours of OMX.

During the closing hours of the market, you must use a limit order. Remark : A market order on these markets is an IOC immediate-or-kill order. Your order will match directly with the best price on the other side of the order book. But if there is not enough volume at the best price, the remaining part of the order will be cancelled immediately.

Limit orders A limit order is more precise than a market order as you set a limit price a which you are ready to buy or sell. A limit order gives no guarantee as to execution of the order. An example of a sell order: A share quotes euro. An example of a purchase: A share quotes 50 euro.

When a day order gets executed partially, the remaining part of the order will be cancelled after market closing. If you want the remaining part to be executed as well, you will have to enter a new order, for which a full transaction fee will be debited. When placing a GTC order, the remaining part of the order will remain valid on the market until complete execution or cancellation.

You pay only one transaction fee, regardless the number of partial executions. Remark 2 If you enter a limit order, your limit may not diverge too much from the last price. Day orders are cancelled after closing of the market, at 4. Orders placed after 4. Market orders A market order makes it possible to buy or sell shares immediately at the best price available on the market if the quantity of the counterparty is large enough. Attention: Market orders can only be entered during the opening hours of the Oslo Exchange. You also have the possibility to trade before and after regular market hours Extended hours trading.

All orders that are not executed or that are only partially executed will be immediatly cancelled by Keytrade Bank after the session. Stocks that you bought in pre-market hours can of course be sold during regular market hours and vice versa. Transaction prices for extended hours trading are similar to prices applicable to other markets. The US withholding tax is payable on the dividend paid out by the underlying US stock of the option if the delta of the option is 1 or more at the time of purchase of the option. If you have bought the option when the delta is 0.

It is the delta at the time of the purchase that counts. Fund means "Undertaking for collective Investment". UCI is a general term used for different undertakings as the Mutual Fund, the open-end collective investment scheme Sicav and the closed-end collective investment scheme Sicaf. This value is published the following day on the site.

Sales and purchases never take place at this NAV. The actual trade date depends on the policy of the fundcompany. On each working day, Keytrade Bank centralizes all these requests placed from 11h30 Belgian time of the previous day D-1 or the previous working day until 11h30 of D-day and sends them immediately to its correspondent who on his turn sends them for execution at 13h. If the order is placed and registered after 11h30, the order will be sent for execution the following working day.

Requests for changes of sub-fund are not possible at Keytrade Bank. Because Keytrade Bank will only send your order at 11h30, this is after the cut-off time of the fund, you? Example 2 : You place on D-day at 12h a sell order for the same fund. Your order will be sent the following working day at 11h30 to our correspondent and therefore you? Keytrade Bank will send your order at 11h30 and the order will be sent at 13h by our correspondent, your order will be sent before the cut-off time of the fund, you?

Attention : It is possible that your order remains "pending", even if it is already executed on the correct date and at the right price. This is due to the fact that the market of investment funds doesn't work in real time and Keytrade Bank therefore has to wait on the definitive confirmation of the execution by the funds managers.

And this can take some days. Eurobonds are bonds which are often issued in several European countries simultaneously. Issuers are often large international institutions, companies, and sometimes public authorities. The prefix "Euro" simply refers to the bond's location of issue Europe. It does not refer to the nationality of its issuer or the currency of issue.

Alongside the Eurobonds market, the national or domestic bond market also exists. These bonds are only issued in the country of their issuer, e. Keytrade Bank negotiates exclusively in Eurobonds. An issuer such as a multinational wishing to issue bonds in order to raise finance for its company will contact a specialist banker who will take care of all the necessary formalities.

Furthermore, a certain number of factors need to be defined. The most important of these are: the bond's issue size, period, currency, coupon and subscription price. For example: General Motors wishes to issue a Eurobond. It will be agreed with the investment banker that the issue on the primary market will have the following characteristics:. During a defined period called the subscription period which often lasts weeks investors can sign up to the bond issued by General Motors subscription on primary market.

Every year for 7 years, this bond will yield a return of EUR 5. On the maturity date after 7 years the investor will be paid back the EUR 10, capital investment. Once the subscription period for the bond issue has closed, it is no longer possible to sign up for the bond at the original price. The bond is then no longer listed on the "primary market". The day after the subscription period closes, the bond issue in fact moves from the primary market to the secondary market.

The secondary Eurobonds market is simply a market for existing bonds. Buyers and sellers are continuously active on this market. This is why market pricing constantly comes into play. An investor who buys a bond on the primary market can in principle always sell it on the secondary market. An active investor can go to the secondary market to acquire bonds listed at very attractive prices. Contrary to the situation on the equity markets, the majority of trades in Eurobonds take place directly between professionals such as bankers or stockbrokers, etc.

Though Eurobonds are often listed on the stock markets mostly on the Luxembourg stock exchange , the majority of trades are carried out "over-the-counter" between professionals for reasons of limited liquidity. This means that unlike the stock markets, the Eurobonds market is a true professionals' market. Keytrade Bank offers its customers access to this secondary professionals' market via its Eurobonds trading platform.

Why should I invest in bonds? How secure is an investment in bonds? How can I choose a good bond, and what do I need to look out for? We have tried to provide answers to these questions in the points that follow. We hope they will help you to understand some of the introductory principles of investing in bonds.

Naturally, every investor is always looking for that impossible combination of "high level of security" and "high yield" for all of their investments. But unfortunately, security rarely equates with a high return. A high return is more often than not coupled with a high level of risk. This universal rule applies throughout the financial world, and this includes on the bond market.

Quality and rating The quality of the issuer is often expressed through its rating, which gives an indication of its level of solvency. The following question then arises: how can the bondholder the investor be sure that the issuer will honour all of his commitments?

In addition to making regular interest payments, the issuer must be in a position to repay the nominal value of the bond upon maturity. There are several rating agencies all pursuing the same objective, which is to assess the solvency of issuers on the bond market. Following an in-depth analysis of the issuers, these agencies award them a credit rating, which is an indication of the issuers' level of solvency. Of course, a bond issued by a very good debtor with a high rating such as AA or A2 will produce a lower yield than a bond with the same characteristics but whose issuer is in financial difficulty and consequently has a rating of B or B2, for example.

So it is essential to always pay attention to the ratings given to bonds when comparing their yields. Life span In normal market circumstances, a long-term bond offers a higher yield than a short-term bond. However, a long-term bond is inherently riskier than a short-term bond, since one can never predict the future. The likelihood that the issuer will fail is obviously greater over a longer period of time compared to a short period. Currency Certain bonds can present a very attractive yield to the investor without there necessarily being any link to a bad debtor. The reason for this could simply be that the bond was issued in a high-yield currency.

Yet it must not be forgotten that exchange rates change and that therefore, a risk is present. If you do not wish to take any risks at all, you should only invest in euros. The yield of a bond issued in euros may be smaller than those issued in certain other currencies e. If you would prefer to speculate, for example on the rise of the US Dollar, it would be a worthwhile investment to buy bonds in US Dollars. Interest rate and coupon The coupon is the periodic payment of interest that you receive as the holder of bonds.

Ordinarily, Eurobonds pay a fixed annual coupon, but twice-yearly or quarterly coupon payments are also possible. The coupon amount is obtained by multiplying the nominal interest rate by the nominal value of the bond. For example: A bond has a nominal interest rate of 5. Every year, this investor will receive a coupon amounting to 5.

Jk's county market coupons

As well as fixed rate bonds, there are also floating rate bonds. The interest rate for these bonds is modified periodically throughout the life span of the bond, and is often adjusted quarterly. These floating interest rates are often linked to a benchmark rate such as the Euribor rate. In the jargon, these bonds are often also called "Floating Rate Notes". A type of bond also exists that we call "zero-coupon bonds" or "zero bonds".

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As their name would suggest, these bonds do not pay periodic coupons. But this definitely does not mean that a zero bond is not a worthwhile investment. The main feature of a zero bond is that this bond is issued "under par value". Price and yield In the example cited above, the investor receives an annual coupon of 5.

As a consequence, the yield the investor obtains on the investment is less than 5. Thus we can say that the higher the price of the bond, the lower the yield it delivers. Professional investors almost never refer to the idea of direct yield, but instead to what we call the "actuarial yield". The actuarial yield is the annual yield of a bond which not only takes into account the coupon, but also other aspects such as coupon date, maturity date, current price and the bond repayment. We will return to the example given above. Let us assume that the investor bought this bond just one year before its maturity date.

The investor's net yield, therefore, is only 1. After two years, the net yield achieved is This method of calculating the yield produces a more precise picture of the actual yield of an investment in a bond than the simple direct yield idea. Professionals calculate this actual yield using the techniques of actuarial mathematics the example above has been simplified considerably! This is why we use the term "actuarial yield". Particular forms of repayment Generally, the majority of bonds are repaid in cash equivalent to their nominal value.

However, this is not always the case. Some bonds are automatically repaid in stock, and in other cases, the investor has the choice of receiving payment at maturity in stock or in cash. Another possible scenario is that the bond repayment is linked to a stock market index. The risk of non-repayment of a bond issued by a good debtor is fairly low.

Should an issuer face bankruptcy, the creditors of this issuer will be repaid in a particular order. Certain priority lenders will be repaid in the first instance e. Unsecured creditors are repaid next the majority of bondholders fall into this category. The final group of creditors is then paid. These include shareholders, holders of subordinated bonds, and so on. Before purchasing a bond, it is therefore crucial that the guarantees and hierarchy of commitments in the event of bankruptcy are established in advance.

Interest due The majority of Eurobonds pay an annual coupon. We will now imagine that the investor buys a bond on a secondary market, and that the bond's annual coupon will be paid in 7 months. In other words, 5 months have passed since the last coupon was paid. The bond has therefore already produced interest over 5 months. This interest is due to the seller of the bond, and must therefore be paid by the buyer of the bond. The buyer will receive the entirety of the coupon on its payment date in the next 7 months.

The interest due is calculated by applying a fraction to the coupon amount, as follows: the fraction numerator is equal to the number of days' interest due, and the denominator equals the number of days in one year. This fraction also called the "accrual basis" may vary from one bond to another. The most common types of accrual basis are :.

An investor buys EUR 10, of this bond with a settlement date of 19 September The exact number of days between 23 February and 19 September is The buyer will therefore have to pay this sum to the seller. The buyer will receive the entirety of the coupon on 23 February the date of the following coupon payment. Bonds available on the website are the ones available on the primary market, which means new issues only.

Transactions are possible between 9 a. Orders entered after 5 p. Then orders will be moved to 'W' status waiting for execution and will not be cancellable anymore. The underwriting price is equal to the issue price, and the bonds can be ordered with or without physical delivery. Payable in EUR or other currencies. The minimal amount to underwrite for is indicated on the web site for each bond in the 'minimum' column. The total underwritten amount must always be a multiple of that minimum amount.

When you click on a bond from the results listed by the search function, you will see a detailed description of that bond:. It is possible to obtain a rating for the bonds available through our site. The rating given is that attributed by Moody's. You must first sign a contract, and this can be done using your confirmation code. The quality of an issuer is often expressed through its rating, which gives an indication of its level of solvency. The following question then arises: "How can the bondholder the investor be sure that the issuer will honour all of his commitments?

At the end, you will find two diagrams. By pressing the YTM button, you can see the bond's yield during that same period. The second diagram shows the difference in yield compared to the swap rate. The swap rate is a deal to exchange two interest rate flows one at a fixed rate, and the other a variable rate. If you press the "trade" button, you will arrive on the orders screen. Here, you will find the following information :.

Important note: Occasionally, the market maker is not present on the market. If this is the case, you will not receive a bid or ask. You are therefore recommended to work with a limited order, the limit being close to the last price you find on the order screen.

Keytrade Bank has opted to send orders to LuxNext and Euronext. These are regulated stock exchanges with several market makers. You can find out more by going to :. If you buy a bond, you must pay the accrued interest to the seller. If you sell a bond, you receive the accrued interest. Here we display the accrued interest on an order executed today. As soon as you place an order, we calculate the accrued interest as of today's date. If you choose this option, you will need to have more cash in your securities account, since for every day the order is not executed, an extra day's interest accrues.

As is the case on the Euronext equity market, bond transactions are in principle liquidated 3 days after the transaction date. Your cash assets will therefore be credited using this settlement date sale date or debited purchase date. We will try to provide the most precise answers possible on this topic and those that follow. We would like to give you an overview of the basic principles of investing in bonds. However, for more information, we advise you to undertake further reading.

Warning: Step-up and variable bonds are complex instruments and we do not recommend them to inexperienced investors! During the trading window, you enter the transaction which you subscribe to using your electronic signature. Once you have entered your trade, you will receive a summary and breakdown showing the total amount of the transaction. It is important to bear in mind that the value of the trade can be very different to the nominal value.

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For example: A bond is listed at This content is not optimized for mobiles and tablets. We advise you to visit this page on your desktop. The target spreads spreads which we try to maintain at any time on the market which we offer our customers are in keeping with all our efforts to offer the best possible rates. Under normal market conditions, the spreads displayed can even be tighter than the target spreads, but in a period of very high volatility, these spreads may be slightly wider.

The Forex market is a market traded on margin, allowing you to use leverage and take positions on the market for a nominal amount which is higher than the value of your account. You can find the margin requirements for each currency pair on the Rates page. You must maintain the margin levels required by Keytrade Bank on your account at all times. If the funds in your account mean that you can no longer maintain the margin requirement, you will receive a margin call by e-mail and on the platform. You are then invited to deposit funds by transfer or bank card, or to reduce your open positions.

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Old Bus Stand, Lohia. Big Bazaar Bldg, Santoshpur. Anna Salai Juice World, No. Hazra Hati Bagan. Sujana Super Market, Sy. Chandidas New Prince, Stall No. Mayekar V. Stall No. Vama, Lotus Court, Plot No. Chandidas No. G31,Survey No. UG 20, Ground Unit Marg. Mylapor B. Furniture, Stall No. E , 1st Floor, City Centre2 Nayasarak. Mina Jewellers, Dr. Roy Co-Opp Mkt. B Zone Chandidas H. Purasawalkkam R. Womenz Wear Dwarka No. Kalasagar, Shopping Hub,Nr. Camp Sr. Zuari Nagar. Guruganesh Nagar,Commercial Complex, D.

Hotel Taj Banjara,Road No. Banjara Hills Shop No. Kandivali E Shop No. Kandivali E No. Road 31 A, S. Pratapgarh, Kamal Gazi Tel. Jewellers M. Road O. Vijay Nagar. Golghar Golghar P. Market P. P, Shop No. Floor, Alipore Food Court. Associated Petrol Pump Nike C. RZ,Mahinder Park, Chowk Jewel Square, CST no. Block No. Electronics R. Vega Center. F 4, Gulmohar Park,S. Highway, Satellite Road, Unit No. Gulmohar Park. Vasant Vihar. Linking Road Linking Road T. G, N. House no. Big Bazar, S. G Highway ,. Silicon Velly,Nr. Shivranjni Cross Road, Satelite. Satellite Shop no. Room , Opp.

Nirmal Ngr, Mulund W. Road,Manavala Nagar. Francis Xavier Ashirwad Electronics Bainguinim. Old Goa. Freegunj Laxmi Ganj. Opp Balbharti School. Kohinoor Televideo Pvt. Near Hotel Ashray,77, Dewas Road. Hotel Ashray,77, Dewas Road. Bajghera Chowk. DLF Phase-2 G. Gandhi Statue. Seeh Mahal Theatre. G Road. Chidambaram35 , New Avadi Road.