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That makes it a high-quality source of concentrated protein for your dog. After the fresh chicken come several sources of whole-grain and organic carbohydrates.

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Whole grains like barley, oats, and sorghum are considered highly digestible for most dogs. However, if your dog suffers from food allergies or grain sensitivities, these ingredients may cause a problem. The organic peas are gluten-free and grain-free as well as being a valuable source of carbohydrate energy and dietary fiber. You should also be aware that peas contain a significant amount of plant protein — as does soybean meal.

It is possible that these two ingredients make a significant contribution to the total protein content of this recipe, though it is hard to tell whether that is the case. The main source of fat in this recipe is chicken fat which, while it may not sound appetizing to you, is a highly nutritious and flavorful ingredient for dogs. Fat is the most highly concentrated source of energy available to dogs as well.

Paul Newman's daughter Clea carries on his charitable legacy

The chicken fat is supplemented to some degree by the natural omega-3 fatty acids in the organic flaxseed. This recipe contains a number of vitamin and mineral supplements which help to ensure complete and balanced nutrition. There are also probiotics for digestive support.

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  • Though this recipe is marketed as an adult dog formula, it has plenty of fat and protein which means that it could be good for puppies as well as senior dogs. In between there are several carbohydrates including protein-rich peas which could contribute a significant amount of plant protein to the total protein content of the recipe. This formula does contain plenty of healthy fats and beneficial supplements, however, so overall it is still a high-quality product. Because this formula is made with organic ingredients, it offers excellent nutritional value you can rest assured that the quality of that nutrition will be high.

    This formula features organic chicken as the primary ingredient and is supplemented by organic and grain-free carbohydrates. All in all, this formula is a healthy choice for dogs in all life stages. Not only does the organic chicken broth help to keep the moisture content of this formula high, but it also contributes some natural chicken flavor. The main sources of carbohydrate in this formula are organic pea flour and organic dried alfalfa. Pea flour is considered a digestible carbohydrate for dogs as well as a valuable source of dietary fiber.

    One thing you should be aware of with this ingredient and with the organic dried alfalfa , however, is that these ingredients contain a significant amount of protein.

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    This protein is plant-based, however, which makes it less biologically valuable for your dog than an animal-based protein. It is unclear how much these ingredients contribute to the total protein content of the recipe, but it could be significant. Guar gum is primarily used as a thickener in wet dog food recipes, though it may also contribute some supplemental fiber.

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    • Carrageenan is another ingredient used as a thickener, which is fine, but this ingredient has been linked to some negative health effects in both dogs and cats — some research suggests that it has a carcinogenic effect on animals. The remaining ingredients, however, are fine — they include vitamin supplements and chelated minerals, for the most part, to ensure complete and balanced nutrition.


      This recipe starts off strong with chicken and chicken broth as the top two ingredients, but there is some room for improvement with the rest of the recipe. Pea flour and alfalfa both contain plant protein which may contribute significantly to the total protein content of the recipe — it is hard to tell. It is also troubling to see carrageenan, a potentially carcinogenic ingredient, on the list. As is the case with the frozen pizza category, the new cereal line is the company's first entry into the shelf-stable ready-to-eat breakfast cereal category.

      It's not an accident the food marketer's two newest product lines are both in the ready-to-eat and ready-to-heat segments. Mike Harvard says a major segment focus of the company's new product development efforts is in the meal solutions sector. These are food products of various types that are ready-to-eat with either zero or only a slight like adding milk to cereal or baking a frozen pizza effort needing to be added by consumers. In other words, most of the value has already been created and added by the products' manufacturer.

      Prior to introducing the new breakfast cereal line, Newman's Own introduced a new line of shelf-stable marinades named Dress Up Dinner Marinades, along with a new line of salad dressings in sprayer-style bottles called Newman's Own Natural Salad Mists. These two new lines fit into the meal solutions strategy from the opposite end in that they are convenient, value added products that can be used by consumers to aid in the preparation of and to enhance a meal with very little preparation -- marinading chicken with the marinades and then simply baking or grilling, and spraying the salad dressing misters on a packaged salad mix and simply eating, for example.

      Newman's Own was founded on a lark by Paul Newman and his buddy, the writer A.

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      Newman and Hotcher, who wrote a best selling biography of Ernest Hemingway and the famous memoir King of the Hill about his life growing up in St Louis, Mo. From there as is often said -- the rest is history. The company was launched by the pair with one key proviso -- that all of its profits after expenses would be donated to charity. Newman and Hotchner followed up the salad dressing line with popcorn, ready-to-drink lemonade and pasta sauce.

      Today Newman's Own produces and markets different varieties of food products in the U. Still based in Westport, Conn. The statement is being added to every Newman's Own product package to reflect Newman's wishes and plans that the company and its charitable mission live long after his death.

      That's impressive. And a wonderful legacy for Paul Newman to leave. No comments:.

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